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About us

Who we are & What we're about

What is "Hole 19"?

We at Hole 19 strive and prioritize executing and succeeding in giving you the best experience and service. Without reinventing the wheel, we let the ingredients shine and speak for themselves, while implementing the proper techniques. We pride ourselves in having very little waste; using anything leftover to create something mouthwatering & flavorful! We want to give you a memory you won’t forget, and make you want to come back to relive it! As you continue on down, you’ll get to learn and understand our core team that has made what Hole 19 is today!

Our Team

Patrick portrait

Patrick Kemmache


Patrick has been on an extraordinary culinary journey spanning over 35 years, where he has traversed the globe, taking his incredible talent and passion for high-end cuisine to international gastronomy destinations all over Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. Earning a degree from the storied “Le Cordon Bleu” Paris, France, Hole 19 President Patrick Kemmache provides us with an almost unlimited wealth of talent, experience, and knowledge about the intricate food and hospitality field. With his vast experience and know-how, Mr. Kemmache specializes in taking struggling properties and transforming them into profitable and self-sustainable ventures.

Yannick portrait

Yannick Kemmache

General Manager

Yannick combines his love of great-tasting, scratch kitchen food with his passion for business, here at Hole 19. With over 11 years of tremendously successful experience in the very competitive and crowded hospitality field, Yannick Kemmache has earned a reputation as the go-to problem solver and solutions provider for multiple well-established restaurant companies in the highly demanding, international Miami-dade food scene. Mr. Kemmache holds a Business Management degree with a minor in entrepreneurship from the Florida International University school of business. He has leveraged all that extraordinary knowledge and experience into a very successful career journey which has brought him here to Hole 19. Yannick has the amazing ability to create systems that make a restaurant run like a fine-tuned machine. As a manager, he specializes in the concept of efficiency, enabling all parts of the organization to function as one cohesive unit. As a leader and influencer, Yannick creates a positive working environment for his staff to enjoy coming to work, without forgetting the “whatever it takes” mentality. This creates a happy, positive, and loyal team atmosphere.

Mark portrait

Mark Grigsby

Executive Chef

Mark has the unmatched skill of creating systematic procedures and driving standards of execution that takes the kitchen performance and dining experience to the highest levels. As a graduate of “Le Cordon Bleu” Miami, Florida, and an experienced chef with more than 15 years of multiple successes in well-established restaurants in the international culinary hub that is Miami-dade County, Executive Chef Mark Grigsby brings his extraordinary ability to create and bring to life custom menus of wonderfully diverse cooking styles and his passion for preparing American Fusion and seafood dishes that have wowed discriminating dining guests for well over a decade. Hole 19 is extremely proud to have Executive Chef Mark Grigsby at the helm of our creative culinary team. His experience and passion for preparing the most decadent dishes make for an unforgettable dining experience.